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(H) Things to be prepared or arranged, preparations, arrangements, measures to be taken. (see híkot).



(B) To take charge of, tackle, handle, perform, execute, work with one's own hands, put one's hand to, accomplish with actual personal labour. Sín-o ang naggálhò sang pagíhaw sang báboy? Who killed the pig? Who actually performed all the work in connection with the killing of the pig? Galhoá lang ang mga hilikotón sa simbáhan sa pándut. Take charge personally of all the preparations in the Church for the feast. Igálhò akó siníng ísdà sa paglútò. Kindly cook this fish for me yourself (in person). Gingálhò ni Fuláno ang ilibusón. N.N. personally got ready all the requisites for making a dish of "íbus". Kon maló-oy ka, galhoón mo lang ang tanán nga mahígkò sang masakít. For mercy's sake, undertake all the work of cleaning the sick person. (see agám, ágap, gamól, gakám, gakóm, gámlò, hámlò).



(H) Preparations, arrangements to be made, things to be got ready or prepared for a certain purpose. (see híkot, hímos, hilikotón).



(H) Preparations, things to be made ready. (see híwat, hilimosón, hilikotón).

Efficient contrivance, procurement, preparation, previous arrangement; things to be-got ready,-prepared,-attended to. (see patigáyon, hilikotón, hilimosón).



(H) Orderless, unmethodical, unsystematic, in disorder, without order, wanting coordination; to be in disorder, deranged, disarranged, without a plan, without organized or concerted action. Nagsalangiság ang paghíwat sang mga hilikotón sang íla piésta. There was no organized effort made to prepare for their feast-day.



Order, command, injunction, direction, commission; to order, command, direct, enjoin, lay upon, entrust, confide to. Gintúlin níya sa ákon ang pagbántay sang baláy. He ordered me to guard the house. Pagatulínan ikáw dirâ sang gihápon nga mga hilikotón sang mga sologoón sa sulúd sang baláy. You will be directed to perform there the ordinary duties of a servant in the house. Tinúlin níya sa íya ang íya anák sang buút na siá mamatáy. When he was about to die he entrusted him with (committed to him) the care of his child. (see túgian, túgyan, bílin, tógon, sógò).