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What is to be-knotted,-bound together,-got ready for reeling or weaving; hemp-fibre, etc. that is to be knotted (to be bound together) and to be rolled up neatly in the tagakán-basket. (see tágak).



To snatch-, draw-, pull-, jerk-, out rather quickly, take hold of with a jerk or with a swift pulling motion. Habnusá iníng pilá ka sókdap nga gabúk sang amákan kag ilísan mo sing mga bág-o. Pull out these few rotten slips from the bamboo mat and replace them with new ones. Habnusí ang díngding sing isá ka tádtad. Pull off a tád-tad-strip from the partition-wall. Ihábnus akó ánay siníng liníyas nga kawáyan sa kodál. Please pull this piece of split bamboo out of the fence. Ihábnus akó sing pilá ka nahót nga lánot nga talagakón, kay ákon sugponón kag tagákon. Please jerk a few hemp-fibres (off the line) and give them to me, because I am going to connect them and arrange them neatly. (see húnus, gúnut, bíngkas, tábnus).



(B) To crush, pound, beat. Nagalúbak siá sing ságing sa lusóng. He is pounding bananas in the rice-mortar. Lubáka ang lánot nga talagakón. Beat the hemp that is to be arranged for weaving-or-is to be tied together. Lubáki akó sing dalógdog, balátong, etc. Crush or pound for me some dalógdog-fruits, beans, etc. (see bayó for pounding rice).



To bind-, tie-, knot-, connect-, string-, together, to fasten in a knot, attach to each other by a knot (threads, yarn, hemp-fibres, etc.). Sipónga ang lánot nga talagakón. Bind together the hemp-fibre that is to be got ready for reeling (spooling, winding on a reel). (see higót, balíghot, tábid, súgpon, balô).

Hemp fibres to be got ready for reeling. (see súg-ut, talagakón).