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húypan, húypon


From huyúp-to blow, etc.



Famished, starved, hungry; to famish, get weak or exhausted from lack of food, starve. Naghuyúhuyú siá kahápon sa gútum. Yesterday he was quite exhausted from hunger. (see hungáyhungáy).



Shaky, unsteady, inclined, not straight, leaning, all on one side; to be or become inclined, etc. Naghuyúg ang baláy tungúd sang bágyo. On account of the storm the house is leaning, is not standing straight. (see hiláy, húyang).



To shake, cause to vibrate. (see úyog).

To shake, tremble, sway to and fro. (see dúyug, duyúgduyúg, húyug, úyog).



A puff or whiff of smoke, etc.; a gust-, puff-, of wind.

húyup, huyúp


To blow, to expel the breath with some effort, to breathe upon, puff, whiff, exhale. Húypi siá. Breathe or blow upon him. Ihuyúp sa íya iníng taláyhup. Blow on him with this blowing-tube. Naghuyúp siá sa lusóng. He blew into the rice-mortar (i.e. he burned his fingers, he made trouble for himself, the result was a miserable failure or ended in his own discomfiture).



Pale, bloodless, lean, wan, emaciated, gaunt, meagre, haggard; to be or become pale (of face, etc.). Panghuyús is commonly used. Nanghuyús ang íya guyá. His face grew pale. (see láspì, lúspad, lún-ad).



Bad, wretched, poor, miserable, hard (of times, seasons, etc.). Huyúthúyut gid ang karón nga túig. This is a very bad year, (a year of famine, misery, disease, or the like). Naghuyúthúyut ang karón nga panahón, kay nagmínus ang patubás kag maíwat kaáyo ang pilak. Times are hard, because the harvest was poor and money is extremely scarce. (see sarót, buísit, malisúd, hoyót-hóyot).

hwád, hwád-hwád


See huád, huád-huád.

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