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There is no sound in the Visayan language corresponding to the letter "f". When it occurs in a foreign word, it is pronounced by Visayans "p", except, of course, in the case of the educated Visayan, by whom it is pronounced correctly. The following words have become part of the Visayan language, and are often written with an "f".

(Sp.) Mill, works, factory, manufacturing plant; goods made in a factory. (see galingán, dawdáwan, pábrika).

(Sp.) Band, bandage, belt, girdle, sash. (see páha, wáklos, wágkos).

(Sp.) Falsification, fabrication.

(Sp.) Forger, counterfeiter, falsifier.

(Sp.) To forge, falsify, counterfeit.

(Sp.) False, wrong, untrue; spurious, fictitious, not authentic. (see kulirô, butíg, butigón).

(Sp.) Fault, deficiency, defect, omission, default, want, lack, failure; to fail to, neglect, commit a fault, to default, not to fulfil one's promise, not to perform one's duty. Indì ka magfálta sa pagsímba sa mga Domíngo kag Fíesta. Don't miss going to Church on Sundays and Feast-days. Nagfálta siá sa pagtúman sang íya nga katungdánan. He neglected to fulfil his duties. (see sayóp, salâ, lápas, lípas).

(Sp.) Fame, reputation, renown, report, rumour, name. (see dungúg, kadunggánan).

(Sp.) Family, household, kith and kin. (see panimaláy).

(Sp.) Famed, renowned, well known, famous. (see dunggánan, kinilála, lutáw, bántug, banságon).

(Sp.) Half a bushel (of rice, etc.).

(Sp.) Lamp; light, especially a hurricane lamp. (see sugâ, solô).

(Sp.) Favour, kindness; to oblige, favour, do a favour. Nagfavór siá sa ákon. He did me a favour. Favór ang hángin. The wind is favourable.

(Sp.) Date, to date. Fechahán mo ang sulát. Date the letter. (see ádlaw, panahón, dág-on).

(Sp.) Parishioner. (see sákup).

(Sp. ferrocarril) Railway, railroad.

(Sp.) One going or giving bail or surety for another, bondsman, guarantor, surety, security. Fiadór gánì, pagadór. The one that goes bail is the one that pays.

(Sp.) Bail, surety, security, guarantee, pledge.

(Sp.) Feast, Feast-day; to celebrate a feast, especially the Feast of the Patron Saint of a place. Ginfiestahán níla ang kaadláwan sang mahál níla nga Patrón. They celebrated the Feast of their Patron Saint. Mamiésta ka man? Are you also going to the feast, will you too take part in the feast? (see pándut).

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