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The letter "r" in Visayan is pronounced as in English. Many words that have "l" in Hiligáynon have "r" in Hinaráya and others that haye "r" in Hiligáynon have "d" in Hinaráya, e.g. walâ, warâ; laláng, raráng; dulupláan, durupráan; bag-óran, bag-ódan; kalaparón, kalapadón, etc.


(B) This, that. (see diá, riá, rán, iní, inâ).

(B) Dirt, grime; dirty, soiled, stained, grimy, sullied. (see gímang, hígkò, músing).

(B) Would to God that, may or might it be so, it were well if--. Matawás akó ráad kanímo. (Maupúd akó kuntánì sa ímo). I should dearly like to accompany you. (see dáad, úntà, kúntà, untánì, kuntánì).

(B) For rahán, a contraction of ra and the interjection "han" (in Hiligáynon "ay"), e.g. imáw raán. (amó inâ ay). That is it.

(B) See ráad.

Old and useless, torn, bad, rotten, ragged, worn into rags or tatters, tattered. Rabanít nga báyò, delárgo, pányò, etc. A tattered jacket, pair of trousers, handkerchief, etc. (see gubát).

(Sp. rábano) Radish.

(Sp. rabel) Rebec, an instrument somewhat similar to the violin, and played with a bow.

(Sp. rabo) Tail (see íkog).

Tastiness, quality of being savoury; to be tasty, toothsome; to become savoury (said of fruit, tubers, squashes and the like). (labó id.).

(B) See dábong-dense, etc.

See rabanít-bad, old, useless, etc.

Weak, not strong, stale, bad (of tobacco, etc.).

To tear, rend. Sín-o ang nagrábrab sang ákon báyò? Who has torn my jacket? Rabrabá na lang ang dáan mo nga delárgo. Just tear up your old pair of trousers. (see gísì, gíhay).

To run about freely, to run loose as horses, buffaloes, etc., if they escape from an enclosure, or if their tether breaks.

To ramble, roam or wander about, to be an idler or loafer. (see landólándo, haráyháray, lagáwlágaw, tiyógtiyóg).

(Sp. radio) Radio.

(Sp. radiograma) Radiogram, a message transmitted by radio. (see hatúd-kawát).

Thud, thump; to fall down with a thud, to thump, tumble down with a dull or heavy sound. Indì ka magkádto sa pántaw, kay básì marág-ol (maghurág-ol) ka. Don't walk on the kitchen-balcony, for you might break through and tumble down. Anó ang nagrinág-ol (nagahinurág-ol) sa sulúd? What is that noise inside? What is falling down or flopping about inside there? (see lagábung, hurág-ol, hinurág-ol id. and more in use).

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