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The letter "B" in Visayan has the same sound as in English. Being a labial it has a natural affinity with "M" and if the prefix pan-is joined to any word beginning with a "b", that "b" is changed into "m", e.g. búhat becomes pamúhat instead of panbúhat; búnak becomes pamúnak and the verbal noun and adjective formed from the latter is mamumunák; báwì-pamáwì-mamamáwì, etc. Very frequently the prefixes ha- and hi- produce the same change, e.g. bilí-hamilí; búlbul-himúlbul, etc.


An exclamation placed usually at the end of a sentence after an adjective and giving that adjective a superlative value: Indeed! Really! Very much so! Truly! How--! Abáw, iníng baláy dakû ba! By Jove, look at this house, how large it is! Iníng balaligyáan maáka ba. What a lot of people deal at this shop!


Placed in the beginning of a sentence or alone as an exclamation "ba" with a rather long drawn-out "a", denotes a negation, non-conformity, aversion, contempt or dislike. Bah! Pshaw! Pooh! Whew! Ba, índì akó magpáti sinâ. Pshaw, I don't believe that. Ba, dáw sa butíg inâ. Pooh, that sounds like a lie.

(B) A small fish often salted and dried. (see balingón, ugá, lamayó, binulád).

Bad, foul, rotten, said of eggs, especially of those having a dead chicken inside; to spoil, become rotten or foul, to go bad (of eggs). Figuratively: unsuccessful, to no purpose; to be or become a failure. Nagbáog ang ítlog. The egg is bad. Mga ítlog nga báog. Rotten eggs. Báog nga táo. An unsuccessful man, one who is unlucky or meets with failure. Nagbáog ang íla nga katuyoán. Their plan or intention was not carried out, came to naught, was shelved, etc. Nabaógan gid silá sang íla nga ginkasugtánan. Their agreement was of short duration,-did not last long,-was soon forgotten.

Gray, grey, of a dull colour; to be or become grey. Baóg ang íya nga báyò. His jacket is grey-coloured. Nabaóg ang íya delárgo. His trousers have gone grey or have faded (through use or age).

A kind of creeper with edible roots.

A deep boil or ulcer, particularly one in the groin or arm-pit.

(B) To be on good terms, have friendly intercourse with, treat in a friendly way; friendly intercourse, amicable relations. Walâ silá sing bá-ot or walâ silá pagbá-ot or walâ silá pagba-otáy. They are not on good terms with each other. Ginba-otán akó níla sing maáyo. They received me,-treated me, kindly,-were very good to me. (see ákup, abí-ábi, áblaw, hírup, hilitóhog, hiliúgyon, hibáot).

Crushed, squeezed and broken. (see lumâ).

To crush, squeeze out of shape, crumple, break by pressure, said especially of bamboo, tubes, pipes and the like. Nabáak ang kawáyan. The bamboo has been crushed. Iníng isá ka púnò nga kawáyan nabaákan sing madámù nga mga layón sang pagbágyo. Many full-grown bamboos of this clump were crushed and broken by the hurricane. Ipabáak lang sa alíling iníng kawáyan. Simply crush this bamboo under the wheel (by letting a cart pass over it, etc.). Dílì mo pagbaákon ang kawáyan. Don't crush the bamboo. (see lúmà).

(B) To warm up, get warm by taking a hot drink, food, etc. Baáng-baángi ang ímo solóksolók sing diótay nga kán-on sa walâ pa ikáw magsúgud sang pagpangabúdlay. Warm your stomach with a little rice, before you start your work. Mainúm akó sing maínit nga tsa sa pagbaángbáang sang ákon solóksolók. I am going to drink hot tea to warm my stomach. Imna iníng bíno, kay magapabaángbáang sang ímo solóksolók. Drink this wine, for it will warm you up. (see bagáng).

(Sp. bajar) To diminish, lessen; to drop, expel, remove. (see báhas, dágdag, búhin, pahalín).

bâbá-an, Gossip, chatterbox. (see bura-án, wakalán, palahámbal, palasúgid, etc.).

Mouth. Mapísan siá sing bábà. She is a great chatterbox! Pamábà, pamâbâ-to talk much, tell stories, let out secrets. Indì ka magpamábà. Don't talk too much. Don't let out secrets. Sin-o ang namábà sinâ? Who told that, who blurted it out?

Woman, female. See babáye id. (see babayhána).

Spinster, old maid; woman, female; belonging to the fair (weaker) sex. (see babáe, babayhána, mabáknit)

Dim. of babáe, but also applied to girls, especially in contempt. Nalágyo ang babáknit sa tápus na níya mapanghabóy ang mga hampángan sang íya mga kaúpud. The naughty girl ran off after throwing away the toys of her companions. (see mabáknit id.).

A tropical tree and its edible fruit, soursop, bullock's heart. (see gwabaná id.).

Foul, rotten, spoilt (of eggs, etc.; see báog).

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